Andrew Friend

Testimonials for Andrew Friend

In 1989, I was doing my baking apprenticeship. As a young member from a corporate super fund, I approached Bentley Klein and started a discussion that changed my view on finance. At the time I was only 17 and living at home with my Father. Due to our discussion, I decided to save $50 per week from my salary of about $30,000 pa.

A few years later, I suddenly developed a health problem which was luckily treatable, but I needed to take a different view of my future finance requirements. Bentley was instrumental in tailoring a strategy to my specific needs, out of which I gained enormous benefits and couldn’t be more grateful for. I have since referred many family members and friends to Axios Financial Solutions as I’m confident in their abilities to always keep their client as the most important part of any transaction. I can truly trust them to do what they say they will do. If they tell me they will call me in 3 months’ time, I can guarantee you it will be 3 months to the day that my phone will ring.

Since then, they helped me plan for my kid’s private education of which we’re now reaping the benefits, and we’re working on my retirement plan which is perfectly on track. We are in a comfortable financial position as a family with a good surplus, and we’re fortunate to be able to go on a holiday every year. I was always a good saver, but had no experience in investing and I needed someone to guide me.  Someone who could make our money work for us.  None of it would’ve been possible without a great financial plan. I highly recommend Bentley Klein, Andrew Goh and the Axios team to anyone that is considering financial planning.