I was recommended to Axios Financial Solutions when I recently divorced. Unfortunately, around the same time my parents passed away also, and the financial responsibilities and requirements were just enormous. I was in shock, emotionally drained and the simplest of financial transactions at the time seemed overwhelming. In times like this it’s not the best idea to be making any big financial decisions, not for anybody. In meeting the Axios team I particularly related to Teresa and found that she had a very calming and nurturing nature, and that she understood my situation immediately.

Teresa jumped in and helped me with the day to day small tasks that I needed done to get me on track. Nothing was too small for her, and she was always available to help whenever I needed her. Of course, now that we’re on the other side, Teresa has helped me focus on the bigger financial picture and a financial plan for my future. Teresa is a very special financial planner, and a very special person as she has been both emotionally and financially invaluable to me.

I would highly recommend anyone going through a very emotional and stressful time that needs to make serious financial decisions to Teresa and the team at Axios Financial Solutions. You simply couldn’t have a better team looking after your best financial interests.