Working with associated professionals

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Axios work closely with a trusted network of associated professionals in order to assist you to achieve your financial goals.

At Axios we know your needs extend beyond financial planning and that best results are achieved when professional advisers work together on your individual situation.

We go above and beyond to help you to achieve the best outcome by:


Identifying your advice needs

Be it specialist tax advice, updating your will or transitioning to aged care, Axios will identify when accountants, solicitors or aged care experts are required.


Recommending the right partners

Axios has a trusted network of professional service providers and can help identify the right accountant or lawyer that will suit your needs. Axios are also happy to work with your existing service providers.


Arranging an introductory appointment

Axios can arrange an obligation-free appointment with our network of service providers and will attend this meeting to help you get to know each other.


Preparing, implementing and monitoring your plan

Axios will continue to work with associated professionals to ensure your goals are being met and that changes in your situation are being considered by all parties.


Consider this client testimonial…

As I was approaching retirement I knew my finances, in particular my superannuation, needed to be reviewed. Having been referred to the team at Axios by a colleague I met with Bentley and Andrew to discuss my situation and lifestyle goals.

The team at Axios provided my wife and I with comprehensive financial plan including Estate Planning, options to sell our home in Melbourne and build a new home in regional Victoria and a complete review of our superannuation arrangements.

Axios efficiently and effectively handled the implementation of our financial plan and went above and beyond to successfully refer us to Accountants and Solicitors that were appropriate to our situation.

Axios referred us to an Accountant who now prepares our personal and company tax returns; a Solicitor that handled the conveyancing when selling our family home and another Solicitor who set up our wills and Power of Attorney and also assisted with a sale of interest in family farm from one party previously co-owned by four parties.

Axios played a role in briefing all parties which meant my experience was seamless.

I would recommend that Axios clients ask Axios for referrals to other professionals – having a team of motivated professionals working together towards a common goal helped ensure we achieved what we set out to do.

Ken Pryor