Financial Solutions Aged Care Advice

Making the transition into aged care can be daunting.

Depending on your personal situation you may need to introduce home care, or make the decision to move a family member, or yourself, into an aged care facility. It’s a stage of life that can be filled with uncertainty and emotion; saying goodbye to the past is never easy.

You want to be sure your loved one receives the best possible care and that financially they’ll be supported through this transition and into the future. With the many aged care options you will face, it’s essential you’re receiving expert advice.

You’ll likely have questions about what to do with your family home – sell or rent? And if you or your loved one is eligible for care subsidised by the Australian Government you’ll need to know how to manage the fees involved, and how to minimise pension and tax implications.

At Axios we have an in house accredited Aged Care Advice Specialist to help you transition to aged care with all the sensitivity and care you deserve. With our help, moving into aged care can be a smooth, positive new beginning.

Too many families wait until it’s urgent to make hard decisions about aged care. Talking about it early relieves stress for you and your family.

How Axios can help

It’s not easy to place a loved one into care and it’s not easy to understand how it all works.

Our job is to help you understand how the aged care decisions you make can affect your, or your loved one’s, financial position and how long the money will last.

Helping you along the aged care journey

We help you to establish the steps you’ll need to take when accessing an aged care facility and assist with research on the most suitable facilities.

Understanding aged care ‘speak’

We help to cut through the terminology and explain your options in simple to understand language.

Preparing for aged care

We assist with preparing you for the financial and emotional issues involved in this process.

We provide assistance with: