Getting to Know Yenuk Watapuluwa

Testimonial – Yenuk Watapuluwa

Yenuk, what is the meaning of your name?

The meaning of my name is “youthful.” My Grandpa named me. It is a very unique name and uncommon in Sri Lanka, where I was born.  I believe Grandpa knew me well before I was born, because the name fits me perfectly.

You were born in Sri Lanka, but are part Portuguese and have lived in 4 Australian cities in your lifetime (Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne). Which is your favorite city and why?

I am Sri Lankan with a Portuguese great grandmother, so there is some mix in me. We moved to Australia as a family when I was 12 years old, to Cairns. So I would say that Cairns is my home town in Australia. After Cairns we moved to Brisbane for my university years and that is where my family currently reside. With my previous job, I got the opportunity to move to Sydney for a short time and now I am here in Melbourne. I would say Melbourne is my favorite Australian city. I always wanted to live in Melbourne and am really enjoying my time here.

You got engaged on the weekend – Congratulations! Tell us about her..

Thank you. Yes, I was very surprised that she said yes! (laughs) I am very lucky to have her, she came into my life at the right time. Her name is Anita and she comes from a town called Maryborough in Queensland. She is the youngest of 6 in a lovely, caring family. She works as a town planner for the Yarra Ranges Council and is very passionate about fashion and extremely talented when it comes to designing and creating pieces. She has an online store on Etsy. Her shop is called AniMaeFlorale if anyone is interested in checking it out. She’s got a cute rabbit named Peter. Also, she is a great dancer, singer and cook. I am a lucky guy.

You sure are! Anita comes from a big family, while you are the eldest of 3. Your brother is studying engineering and your sister, medicine. Why did you choose Finance?

I enjoy analysing finances. From an individual and family perspective, finance does play a huge role in life. I am not saying it is the most important aspect in life, it certainly doesn’t guarantee happiness and I know that health and relationships are far more important. But, the idea of helping clients achieve their goals was a key driving factor in my choice to specialise in finance.

Tell us about what your ideal weekend would look like (we’ve heard cricket may make the cut?)

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. I also enjoy watching and playing sports, in particular, soccer and cricket. I used to play higher grade cricket but now play casually when I can find the time! I also love travelling, exploring new places and trying new foods.

And lastly, what can Axios clients look forward to expecting from you?

I am focused on providing clients with the best advice. I would like clients to view me as a valued financial services professional, offering tailored advice to achieve their specific goals. I plan to do this by building long term relationships based on respect for the client’s individual needs.

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