Glenn Cross

Glenn Cross approached Rohan Gulasekharam over 30 years ago, when he was just starting a family, had recently purchased the first family home and was enquiring after advice on income models for his private consulting business. Now 68, Glenn relates how his relationship with Rohan, who has remained his primary financial adviser over three decades, has morphed into a friendship as well. Glenn attributes Rohan’s honesty, straightforwardness and consistent high-quality advice, as the reason he has never had to look elsewhere.

As Glenn approached 55, the conversation with Rohan moved towards superannuation and financial security through retirement. Maintaining his 6 monthly meetings with Axios, Rohan and the team have been by Glenn’s side as his life has changed, more recently when he re-partnered with a younger woman and found himself upsizing his family home, rather than downsizing, as others his age were doing.

Glenn says that over 30 years, he has never had to ask twice for anything, the firm have always maintained utmost professionalism, returning his calls and honouring their word consistently. It’s no wonder Glenn recommended the Axios team to his daughter 8 years ago, when she was looking to begin an investment portfolio and was seeking expert advice. When asked what her opinion is of Rohan and the Axios team, Glenn is quick to respond “her feedback has only been fantastic”.