A glimpse into the futures job-scape

Are you considering a mid-life career change? When deciding on investing time and money into education or training, it makes good sense to minimise risk by choosing an industry or area where growth and job opportunities are expected to rise. Another consideration when deciding on a new career path, is ensuring that roles you are readying yourself for won’t be replaced by a robot or artificial intelligence in the next 10 years.


The trend towards technology replacing man power is hard to miss.  According to a study by the World Economic Forum, 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020. So which industries are set to continue to offer financial reward and stability moving forward? We’ve done the homework for you:


  1. Information Technology

While automation can produce data, it’s the analysis component of understanding the human story behind trends which will still be in high demand 10 years from now. Similarly, software developers, programmers and IT security experts, will be in demand for their ability to create new technologies and also, to protect us from the darker side of technology like hackers, scammers and privacy issues.


  1. Engineering and Design

Engineering roles in biochemicals, robotics and materials are expected to be in high demand, as the need to design and manipulate a more complex physical environment become highly valued.


  1. Management

Workplaces and industries are becoming more diverse, with remote working and team mobility becoming more mainstream. Managing a team who are physically distributed provides complex challenges and requires skilled leadership. As we continue to see transformation in workplaces, innovative and flexible leadership will become critical in the growth and success of all types of businesses.


  1. HR and Legal

Technological advances in business can bring with it a minefield of regulatory standards and potential lawsuits. Completing training to hep organisations to embrace new technology with less risk will be a highly valued knowledge and skill set into the future. Likewise, HR professionals who are focused on recruiting and training good staff to run businesses will remain great assets to the organisation they work for.


  1. Sales

The ability to communicate the advantage of a product or service and grow business through sales is a skillset that requires emotional intelligence and the human touch, both of which cant (yet!) be mastered by an automated system. Effective salespeople will need to become more specialised in their chosen field and will continue to remain integral to the growth of business.


While researching your new field for longevity and job demand is a sensible thing to do, looking at the short term, including how you will fund the time off work to study, is critical too. By speaking with your Axios Financial planner before you begin study, you advisor can help you to put in place appropriate actions to ensure you have enough income to cover your current commitments while you invest in an exciting new future.

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