Heather Ikin


Heather Ikin is one of Axios Financial Solutions longest standing clients of nearly 20 years. A long-term friend of both Teresa and Alison’s, Heather initially approached Axios in 2000 regarding her superannuation and insurances.

In the years since, Heather’s 3 children have grown up, with her twin girls finishing school in a year and a half and her eldest son at university. Throughout her family’s journey, Axios have supported Heather with continuous advice and insights to help her reduce her premiums and insurances as her children have become increasingly less dependent on their parents.

Heather describes the relationship with Axios as comfortable, easy and built on trust. Heather has referred numerous friends and family members to Axios in the years since becoming a client, citing Axios’ professionalism, expert advice and reliability as the main reasons she would recommend the firms services to those nearest and dearest to her.

Heather praises her advisor for giving her and her family peace of mind over the last 19 years, taking the time to understand her risk tolerance and long-term goals while at the same time adapting her financial strategy as her needs have evolved and as her children get older.