At Axios Financial Solutions, we are committed to social responsibility, pledging to give back and support worthwhile causes.

In line with this mission, the Axios team provide pro bono financial advice to families that have been touched by cancer, via the Victorian Cancer Council.

2 of our pro bono clients have generously shared their stories and the impact they have felt from receiving the support of pro bono financial advice in their time of need.

Sadia’s story is below, and Susan’s story can be read here.

Sadia’s Story:

Sadia and her family were put in touch with Axios Financial Solutions via the Cancer Council, as a pro bono case, when her husband Alfred was receiving treatment for kidney cancer at Mercy Palliative Care. With 4 young children, Sadia needed assistance regarding financial planning and accessing Alfred’s Superannuation to cover medical as well as general living expenses.

Alfred had always taken care of the family’s finances, so when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, financial responsibility fell on Sadia’s shoulders. Sadia recalls how she felt panicked by her lack of understanding about anything ‘finance’. Axios were there to support and guide her through the financial minefield of accessing life insurance and sorting through superannuation and other financial structures Alfred had put in place prior to his illness. Sadia recalls fondly how Bentley and Andrew went out of their way to meet with her at her own home, even though it was a fair distance away, when it was too difficult logistically for Sadia to attend meetings in the Axios St Kilda Road offices.

Sadly, Alfred passed away in early 2017. Axios assisted with Alfred’s death claim, which allowed Sadia to access funds to pay off the family’s mortgage and create better cash flow. Axios also guided Sadia through setting up insurances for future protection, now that she is the sole income earner in the family with 4 young children.

Sadia remembers how the Axios team were always ‘very kind to her’. She felt comfortable to call the team with any financial stress or question that she had and recalls feeling that the stress was immediately relieved by the Axios team, who were quick to respond, compassionate in their approach, and went above and beyond in helping her family to rebuild after the loss of their much loved husband and father.


Read Susan’s story here.