At Axios Financial Solutions, we are committed to social responsibility, pledging to give back and support worthwhile causes.

In line with this mission, the Axios team provide pro bono financial advice to families that have been touched by cancer, via the Victorian Cancer Council.

2 of our pro bono clients have generously shared their stories and the impact they have felt from receiving the support of pro bono financial advice in their time of need.

Susan’s story is below, and Sadia’s story can be read here.

Susan’s Story:

Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and was referred to Axios via the Cancer Council as a pro bono client. A mother of 3, Susan and her partner were struggling with cashflow, funding debt repayments and school fees. Rohan and Kelly were allocated to Susan and her family and quickly stepped up to the task of supporting this family in need, even negotiating for school fees to be suspended indefinitely.

Sadly, Susan was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year. Rohan and the Axios team subsequently put the wheels in motion to access her insurance payout for terminal illness, taking the financial stress away from Susan and her partner and allowing her to focus on spending quality time with her family.

Susan recalls with gratitude how Axios Financial solutions have made her life easier and recognised in Rohan and Kelly a genuine concern for the best interest of her family. “They took care of everything, so that we didn’t have to worry”.

A portion of the funds that were accessed via Susan’s terminal illness claim will go towards a family trip to the US in November, where Susan hopes to make lasting memories with her partner and 3 teenage children as they travel through New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii.


Read Sadia’s story here.