Talar Atamian

I was referred to Axios Financial Solutions by my employer, as my husband had just suddenly passed away. I needed to make a lot of decisions based around our business and loans and a pile of other financial affairs that needed action and I was not in a very good space to be making any of those kinds of decisions.

So, I sat down with Teresa and the Axios team, and it was the best thing I could’ve done. Teresa gave me practical, sage advice that was best for me and my two children. There was no pressure involved, and they made it simple for me to understand given my circumstances. In fact, I didn’t feel I was speaking with a financial adviser at all, she was just so compassionate and helpful at the time, and I felt very comfortable.

Two years on and I’m just so grateful I was referred to Axios. They manage my finances with openness and transparency, and the results speak for themselves. I can contact Teresa or email her anytime with any question or query, and nothing is ever too small.